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    Department Of Labor Independent Contractor Rule Will Hurt Women In The Workforce

    October 20, 2022 // “The Biden Department of Labor has placed flexible, independent work that women value and depend upon in their crosshairs. They want to make it more difficult for the nation’s 60 million freelancers to engage in their preferred work arrangements. In response to the COVID pandemic, women now comprise over half of new freelancers. The number one reason women engage in independent contracting is the flexibility to set their own schedules and work around important priorities. Many are only working part-time or less and don’t want employee benefits. They’d rather have more money and be their own boss. With 40-year high inflation, American households need more opportunities, not fewer. “The 2021 rule pertaining to independent contractors was not only simpler to apply but protected independent contract work across the country. Whether clocking a few hours a week or creating bustling businesses that go beyond a 40-hour week, women are carving out fulfilling and financially secure opportunities as independent contractors. Older Americans can also break free from the constraints of fixed budgets and stay attached to the workforce by freelancing.