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    Labor Unions Trying Again for “Card Check” for California Farmworkers

    April 14, 2022 // Card check elections give employers cause for concern. Commenters have noted that by taking away a voter’s secrecy, the employee’s vote is subject to intimidation because there is no longer voter anonymity – union representatives are able to track an employee’s votes. A union may also prefill a ballot card and present it to employee for signature without anything more. There is also concern of unions intimidating and threatening workers who do not sign off on the ballot cards, or pro-union employees using peer pressure to change a co-worker’s “vote.”

    Truckers and consumers get a brief reprieve

    November 19, 2021 // Under AB 5, trucking companies may not contract with independent owner-operators. The California Trucking Association contends that the state law is pre-empted by the Federal Aviation Administration Authorization Act, which bars any state law or regulation that affects “a price, route or service of any motor carrier” with regard to the transportation of property.