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    ‘Understaffed and overworked’: Thousands of Minnesota nurses go on strike

    September 14, 2022 // The walkout was expected to affect at least 13 hospitals around Minneapolis and neighboring St. Paul. Twin Cities Hospital Group, which oversees four hospitals where nurses are striking, said it had asked the nurses' union to join them in mediation. "A trained mediator can help parties focus on the key elements needed to move forward together. However, the nurses' union has rejected all our requests for mediation," the group said on its website.

    Starbucks illegally blocked raises for union workers, labor board says

    August 30, 2022 // The NLRB is seeking back payments and benefits for baristas who have unionized in May and to require that interim CEO Howard Schultz read a statement to workers about their rights to organize. The coffee chain's blocking of incentives to union workers was meant to hinder efforts at organizing, alleges the NLRB, the federal agency in charge of enforcing U.S. labor laws.

    “Dear White Staffers” Speaks: Inside the Effort to Unionize Capitol Hill

    July 19, 2022 // To join the CWU, a simple majority of workers in a given Hill office must vote to unionize. Each House office that joins CWU will serve as its own collective bargaining unit represented by members elected from their own ranks. How things will unfold on the Senate side still isn’t settled. “I don’t know what the process is,” said Ohio Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown on Monday. “It’s up to the Rules Committee, I assume.”

    Unions are on the rise. Guess why.

    May 2, 2022 // For one thing, these companies aren’t exactly from your grandfather’s day when activists organized the steel, coal and auto industries. There isn’t much of that unionizing left to do in this country (excepting some foreign auto assembly plants in the South — and that has been tough going). The new surge is going after flagships of the tech and service economy.