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    Starbucks’ Unionization Battle Has Inspired A Role-Playing Tabletop Game

    November 16, 2022 // Pearse Anderson did his part to prevent this. The man produced a one-page game honoring the unionization struggle with Starbucks and creating awareness of it. The one-page board game, called "Cosmic Latte," is what Pearse calls a "barista unionization simulation," and it encompasses aspects of the Starbucks barista's work experience such as the drinks they have to make, the unions that they may join for better working conditions, bread, and lattes (per Instagram). "Cosmic Latte" is set in space (like the name hints) and positions the player as a demigod to create planets by journaling their descriptions in a limited period of 87 seconds. The game's relevance to unionization is its requirement for players to throw in with other demigods to survive. This game is downloadable from Pearse's website at no cost or for a donation, the proceeds of which will go to the Starbucks Workers Solidarity Fund and "Nick for 48th Ward Alderman," an initiative to find a pro-union candidate for Pearson's locale (per Instagram).