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    Michigan: House Democrats introduce plan to offer tax credits for union dues

    March 15, 2023 // F. Vincent Vernuccio is a senior fellow with the Mackinac Center for Public Policy and president of the Institute for the American Worker. “The award for worst new labor giveaway goes to House Bill 4235," Vernuccio told The Center Square. "The bill would force Michigan taxpayers to pay government union dues. The bill gives a full tax credit for government union dues to public employees. This is not to be confused with a tax deduction. "This means that if a public employee pays $1,000 in dues, the state, courtesy of Michigan taxpayers, we'll take $1,000 off of their taxes. If they don't owe $1,000 in taxes the state will simply write them a check for the difference. No other state has gone this far and worse there's no cap on either the amount the state will pay or how much someone will get back. Unions could theoretically raise dues to $20,000 and the state would pay it."

    Opinion: Labor unions, workers and the need to think outside the box

    February 23, 2023 // The California Policy Center reports that as of December 2022, 27.1% of eligible public employees in California have chosen not to pay into government unions. Last November, employees of the local union SEIU 2015, a statewide union representing public employees in California, went on strike alleging unfair labor practices at SEIU 2015. Every two year election cycle hundreds of millions of dollars worth of membership dues from public sector unions in California alone are spent financing elections and lobbying efforts. And, because of a longstanding California employment law, employees from the University of California system are now being forced to repay wages they received while on strike last fall. These examples point to a larger issue: traditional unions are not protecting and supporting their own members.