Press Release

I4AW Launches Expert Research Tool Featuring Latest Labor Policy Data and Trends

“Labor News Today” fills vital need for labor information on Capitol Hill

For Immediate Release: January 26, 2022

HAMILTON, VA─ Institute for the American Worker (I4AW) is pleased to announce the launch of Labor News Today (, a research and news website that serves as a central repository for policy experts, Congressional staff, and other labor stakeholders to access expert level analysis from thought leaders across the country.

As labor issues rise to the forefront of current events and become a topic of media and public discussion, Labor News Today highlights articles, research, and commentary that outline how policies and proposals can either choke entrepreneurship and economic prosperity or pave the way for freedom and flexibility for America’s small businesses and workers.

“There are plenty of partisan perspectives on Capitol Hill that elevate rhetoric over facts and place special interests above the needs of everyday workers,” said F. Vincent Vernuccio, president of I4AW. “Our decisionmakers in Congress and general members of the public deserve to know the full picture as they work to understand current events, popular policy ideas, or bills that affect the bottom lines of businesses or the paychecks of workers.”

I4AW is partnering with its growing network of pro-freedom allies to bring policymakers and others following labor issues aggregated content that draws from stakeholders and influencers in all 50 states and from across all sectors and industries.  This resource hub is aided by a customized search engine with sophisticated tagging and categorization capabilities, and includes a compilation of labor news and research, commentary, and in-depth studies and reports.

“Through Labor News Today, we are bringing together the most impressive intellectual leaders in the pro-worker labor policy space to make sure workers are the priority when we consider ideas and proposals that have real-world impact,” said Vernuccio.

In the three years since its inception, I4AW has developed an impressive track record in effectively briefing and educating policymakers on labor issues and offering individual guidance and mentorship. LNT is the next step in the organization’s mission to educate and break down complicated labor concepts for a greater audience so that America continues to put workers first.

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