Union Integrity Act

*Updated on 2/28/23*

Bill name: Union Integrity Act
Bill sponsors: H.R. 721, sponsored by Rep. Bob Good (R-VA)

Summary: The Union Integrity Act amends the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act (LMRDA) to provide whistleblower protections for officers and employees of labor unions. It prohibits unions from firing, discriminating, or otherwise retaliating against a union employee that provides information about violations of any law in the jurisdiction of the Department of Labor or National Labor Relations Board.

Similarly, unions cannot terminate or discriminate against employees who object to or refuse to participate in any activities they reasonably believe would violate the law. This reform grants the same employee protections to union employees that unions purport to fight for on behalf of their members.

Upon introduction, Rep. Good said in a statement, “All too often, union employees are forced to decide between speaking out and facing retribution from their union leadership or staying silent. No employee in America should have to work in fear of calling out corrupt practices by union bosses. The common-sense protections in my Union Integrity Act will ensure that every American worker is protected under the First Amendment of the Constitution.”

Bill Status: The Union Integrity Act was introduced on February 1, 2023. It has been introduced previously since the 114th Congress.


PRESS RELEASE: Congressman Good Introduces the Union Integrity Act to Protect Whistleblowers
Sept. 21, 2022, Rep. Bob Good

The Daily Signal: Union Integrity Act Protects Whistle-Blowers
December 18, 2013
James Sherk, Heritage Foundation

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