VIDEO: How Restricting Independent Contracting Hurts Women and their Families

Assembly Bill (AB) 5 was signed into law in California at the beginning of 2020. Since then, the law has had devastating effects on independent contractors and freelancers in the Golden State- especially on women entrepreneurs who have always valued the ability to set their own schedules in order to improve work-life balance.

Instead of learning from California’s mistake, lawmakers in Washington, DC are doubling down on the state’s attacks on freelancing and entrepreneurship.

In the webinar recording below (which was originally hosted live by the Institute for the American Worker and the Independent Women’s Forum on October 20, 2020), you will hear stories from real women impacted by AB5: Jennifer O’Connell, a writer and yoga instructor who values the creative freedom to follow her dueling passions and Shelby Givan, a dedicated teacher and mother who was determined to make time in her life for both profession and parenthood. Click here for more stories.

Policy experts Patrice Onwuka from the Independent Women’s Forum and Jennifer Butler from Institute for the American Worker will also share how catastrophic this type of federal policy would be on America’s workforce and what can be done to encourage workforce innovation to bolster our economy.

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