Labor-Related Amendments to the NDAA



*Updated July 13, 2022

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House Democrats have offered three amendments to the annual National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that would impose blacklisting on federal contractors and penalize defense contractors that are not unionized. The NDAA is annual legislation produced by the House and Senate armed services committees that sets the policies for the federal defense agencies.

FLSA Blacklisting of Federal Contractors
Jayapal (D-WA) Amendment 413
Requires that federal agencies begin debarment proceedings against federal contractors that have committed two or more violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act within the past five years.

NLRA Blacklisting of Federal Contractors
Jones (D-NY) Amendment 2
Prohibits the Department of Defense from contracting with any company found to have violated the National Labor Relations Act in the last three years or any company under investigation for violations of the National Labor Relations Act at the time of the contract award.

Union Priority for Defense Contracts
Schakowsky (D-IL) Amendment 3
Establishes a preference for Department of Defense offerors that meet certain requirements pertaining to labor relations.


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