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    These long-term care workers in CT didn’t get the wages they wanted. Will their strike continue?

    June 16, 2023 // "The union wanted to preserve its right to strike again next year," Simon said. "We felt as though the agency, our clients, the people we serve, the students, the parents, had all gone through enough trauma. And so we did not want to give the right to strike again next year." Simon said the state budget provided enough money to pay the workers $18.45 per hour, but Oak Hill extended an offer of $18.50 and an "enhanced" retirement package, but the union did not accept the offer. While the workers have been on strike, temp workers and members of the Oak Hill administration team have been staffing the facilities, costing the company "probably $150,000 more a day" above normal operating costs, according to Simon. Oak Hill negotiations have proven to be especially sticky, according to Oak Hill CEO Barry Simon. After nearly eight hours of talks, negotiations between Oak Hill and the union stalled. Of the 1,700 workers who were on strike, 700 are from Oak Hill. The others are spread between Mosaic, Whole Life, Network, Caring Community and Alternative Services, Inc.