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    Maine: Union workers come to agreement to end strike

    June 2, 2023 // Kevin Rose, will offer full-time jobs for union members, training, as well as see more locals get hired to work on the docks, which will create more jobs in New Bedford, and specifically for Cape Verdeans, who make up about 75% of the ILA Local 1413 union. “We’re very excited we’re going back to work. It was tough [but we] pretty much both got what we wanted,” Rose said. “Life-changing. [It’s going to be] life-changing, especially for Cape Verdeans who make up about 75% of the union.” Thursday morning, dockworkers were once again inside the gates ready to get moving on unloading the parts, which right now include sections for the towers. Blades are expected to arrive on-shore within a week, and eventually, the components will be put together on barges, making for what’s expected to be quite a spectacle on the waterfront

    Former New Bedford police union treasurer sentenced for stealing $50,000 in union funds

    June 30, 2022 // “Mr. Fernandes took an oath to protect and serve the people of New Bedford. Instead, he violated the trust bestowed upon him by both the New Bedford community and his fellow officers,” said United States Attorney Rachael S. Rollins in a press release. “For several years, Mr. Fernandes stole tens of thousands of dollars in union funds and recklessly spent it on a range of personal expenses including beach vacations, phone bills and online dating. Adding insult to injury, he tried to cover up his theft by backfilling the depleted accounts with more stolen funds from the union’s retirement investment account. Public officials who misuse their positions of trust for their own personal enrichment will be prosecuted. No one is above the law.” U.S. Attorney Rollins, FBI SAC Bonavolonta and Jonathan Russo, district director of the U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Labor Management Standards made the announcement Monday. Assistant U.S. Attorney Eugenia M. Carris, deputy chief of Rollins’ Public Corruption & Special Prosecutions Unit, prosecuted the case. Joseph R. Bonavolonta, Joshua Fernandes, U.S. Senior District Court Judge, Mark L. Wolf