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    Opinion Will Swaim: Here’s what’s really going on at the Orange Unified School District

    February 8, 2023 // Königsberg is an award-winning young-adult novelist, so no family newspaper would allow a transcription of Colleen’s reading from his “The Music of What Happens.” But it exists on the district website in a remarkable recording of the night’s proceedings. That recording may be unlike any other recording of a public meeting in American history, a reading from a text that OUSD provided to children, a text that describes what an Orange County Register reporter characterized as “a string of sexually explicit and/or obscenity-laden quotes to the board, as well as mentions of penetration, wet dreams and rape.” I would add that it also includes in vivid detail the rape of a child and an exhaustive catalogue of sexual activity that reduces most of it to the sort of monkey-wrench-and-screwdriver mechanics of 1970s pulp porn.