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    Teachers’ Unions vs. Teachers, Parents, and Children: The NEA and AFT

    September 20, 2023 // Between them, the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers have nearly five million members. Their national associations report annual revenues of approximately $370 million and $200 million, respectively, which are drawn overwhelmingly from dues paid by those members, and that doesn’t include the hundreds of millions in revenue that their local affiliates collect. The Bigfoot lobbyists of the NEA and AFT want more more more when it comes to spending, as lobbies invariably do, but they are frequently found in a negative posture, for no one hates the idea of reform quite as much as a teachers’ union. Vouchers, charter schools, education savings accounts, merit pay for teachers…you name it, the teachers’ unions are against it.

    This Labor Day, ask yourself: Are unions living up to their promises?

    September 4, 2023 // Good people across the country may believe that handing more power to public sector union executives will fix teacher shortages or improve ineffective government programs. Instead, these good people should reflect this Labor Day and ask themselves whether public sector unions have lived up to these promises over the past 50 years. They should also ask how we can hold union executives accountable and improve how public sector unions work. Unfortunately, anyone trying to advance ideas to improve public sector unions soon discovers union executives aren’t interested. Public sector union executives will go to war to ensure they keep their power — even at the expense of the employees they purportedly represent.


    August 28, 2023 // Contrary to the propaganda of the Chicago Teachers Union and their national allies, charter schools are public schools. They are free and open to all students. A charter school is a public school that operates as a school of choice. Yet in Chicago, charter schools receive over $8,600 less in funding per pupil than their typical public-school counterparts, despite 88% of the students they serve being in poverty, compared to 78% of the total public-school population. Why do teachers unions despise charters? Because they are independent public schools free of certain state and collective bargaining mandates that would limit their ability to design and operate a school that prioritizes children.

    Op-ed: Expect the Same Familiar Lies From Randi Weingarten on Capitol Hill Today

    April 26, 2023 // In July 2020, Weingarten vehemently opposed allowing students to learn in person, even threatening a strike if her demands weren’t met. “(N)othing is off the table,” she said. And she meant it. United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) proudly announced it would not reopen unless certain conditions were met. These included the closure of privately operated, publicly funded charter schools; defunding law enforcement; adoption of a government-run Medicare-for-all healthcare system; implementation of a statewide wealth tax; construction of fully-funded housing for the state’s homeless population; and, increased financial support for the children of illegal aliens. Predictably, none of the conditions had anything to do with educating students and everything to do with pushing UTLA’s radical, leftwing agenda.

    Opinion: Pols, teachers unions aim to scrap tests to hide huge learning loss

    April 3, 2023 // The learning loss resulting from the longest public-school closures imposed on blue-state kids in urban districts where teachers unions hold the most sway is devastating and will have generational consequences. Now the educators and politicians who supported prolonged school closures are trying to hide the evidence of their unconscionable decisions. Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY), a former teachers-union member and current teachers-union donee, has introduced the ludicrously entitled More Teaching Less Testing Act, which would abolish the third grade through eighth grade standardized math and English tests — the clearest proof of how costly school closures were for learning. When you put the title through the Orwellian doublespeak reader you get: Less Learning and No Accountability Act.

    NY Gov. Hochul and teachers union at odds

    February 21, 2023 // The “Pay and Resolve” bill, which would require health insurers to pay hospital billing claims immediately without reviewing the medical necessity of the billing claims, was publicly opposed by the United Federation of Teachers (UFT). The union claimed that the proposal could lead to a hike in costs for union members. UFT President Michael Mulgrew explained, “The added costs are passed along to us. That is silly and that has got to stop.” Other unions joined UFT’s opposition, such as Teamsters and SEIU Local 32 BJ. Her proposal, which is a part of the state budget proposal, would keep the current state cap of 460 charter schools but free up 85 more slots for new charter schools across the state by eliminating regional caps. The proposal would create more slots for charter schools in New York City, which currently has a cap of 275 charter schools. In a statement, Hochul said, “I believe every student deserves a quality education, and we are proposing to give New York families more options and opportunities to succeed.”

    Union poll ignores reality about charter schools

    February 20, 2023 // The controversial NYSUT/UFT poll was conducted by Hart Research Associates, which progressive jobs website Idealist called “one of the leading public opinion research firms in the U.S., specializing in political polling for Democratic candidates and survey research for progressive causes, public affairs, nonprofit organizations, foundations, variety of advocacy groups and media outlets.” The misrepresentation of the NYSUT/UFT poll points to a much deeper issue than just a poorly conducted survey. The vast majority of teachers unions’ revenue comes from traditional public school teachers’ dues payments. If those traditional public schools are forced to compete with charters, causing them to lose teachers (which is happening across the country), unions like NYSUT will take a financial hit. Ultimately, the NYSUT/UFT poll highlights the unions’ grip on the charter school narrative and the importance of maintaining a healthy skepticism of union-backed narratives in the public square.

    Opinion Will Swaim: Here’s what’s really going on at the Orange Unified School District

    February 8, 2023 // Königsberg is an award-winning young-adult novelist, so no family newspaper would allow a transcription of Colleen’s reading from his “The Music of What Happens.” But it exists on the district website in a remarkable recording of the night’s proceedings. That recording may be unlike any other recording of a public meeting in American history, a reading from a text that OUSD provided to children, a text that describes what an Orange County Register reporter characterized as “a string of sexually explicit and/or obscenity-laden quotes to the board, as well as mentions of penetration, wet dreams and rape.” I would add that it also includes in vivid detail the rape of a child and an exhaustive catalogue of sexual activity that reduces most of it to the sort of monkey-wrench-and-screwdriver mechanics of 1970s pulp porn.

    REPORT: Pennsylvania Teachers Vote to Kick Union Out of Their School

    August 23, 2022 // Westinghouse Arts Academy Charter School in Wilmerding, Pennsylvania As a result of tens of millions of dollars of political spending, heavy resistance to reopening schools during the COVID-19 pandemic, and repeated efforts to label concerned parents as domestic terrorists, teachers unions have come under increasing public scrutiny. And that scrutiny is not limited to the general public, as teachers at one Pennsylvania charter school have decided that they want nothing to do with their union. Hunter Tower

    Teachers Union Sues To Keep School Closed

    July 14, 2022 // Vertex expects to serve overwhelmingly low-income, minority families in the Bronx, and it plans to provide every student—not just the top students—with an International Baccalaureate education, a rigorous educational program that prepares students for challenging career and post-secondary options. But Vertex’s status is in question, because the United Federation of Teachers is suing to prevent the school from opening in August. Vertex Academies, New York law, Tunku Varadarajan,