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    Michigan: Bill requires employees to give home address, phone number to unions

    April 20, 2023 // A Michigan Senate bill currently under consideration aims to require employers to share employees' name, home address, cell phone number, work address location, and personal email address with labor representatives every 90 days. Sen. John Cherry, D-Flint, sponsored Senate Bill 169. “The intent here is to make sure that individuals who are legally required to represent employees have the information on who they are actually required to represent and the ability to contact them and fulfill their requirements of representation,” Cherry said during Thursday testimony in front of the Senate Labor Committee. Sen. Thomas Albert, R-Lowell, said the bill is an “unwarranted invasion of personal privacy.” Albert said there were no additional safeguards to protect personal information, and added that a bill substitute that wasn’t adopted yet also aimed to divulge employee wage to unions too.