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    Meow Wolf Denver workers form a local union, but they may face an uphill battle

    July 8, 2022 // The Denver union, operating under the Communications Workers of America Local 7055, will ask ownership to recognize it promptly instead of pushing delays and expensive union-busting tactics, as it did in Santa Fe, according to a characterization by a union spokesman. The collective’s requests include job protections, higher wages, better disability accommodations, and a diverse workplace without discrimination and harassment. “We are not against Meow Wolf, because we are Meow Wolf,” organizers wrote on, the official site of the Meow Wolf Workers Collective (MWWC). “Forming a union is an act of care, for ourselves and those who work with us.” MWWC, Milagro Padilla, Jose Tolosa, Convergence Station, wage-and-benefit, Santa Fe, New Mexico, House of Eternal Return,