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    Former corrections officers’ union officials charged with theft of union funds

    August 29, 2023 // Back in 2019, corrections officers and then PSCOA members, Cory Yedlosky and Chris Taylor, initiated an investigation of the local union SCI Huntingdon’s finances, finding thousands of dollars in transactions that violated the union’s own financial procedures. However, then-PSCOA president Bloom “blew off” the allegations. Yedlosky and Taylor were dissatisfied with the union’s handling of their investigation and chose to resign their union membership as a result. Then, in 2020 they filed a lawsuit against the union. A month later, state police arrested former SCI Huntingdon treasurer Bryan Peroni for writing checks from the union’s accounts to himself and another union official, totaling nearly $30,000. The officers’ lawsuit, Yedlosky v. PSCOA, ultimately led Pennsylvania state police to file charges against Bloom and four other union officials last month.