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    Most NEA-Alaska Spending Goes to Its Staff, Not Members

    November 23, 2022 // In fact, “benefits paid to or for members,” totaled to $0.00. According to the IRS description, this means no money at all went toward unemployment compensation, “death, sickness, hospitalization, or disability benefits” for members. Of NEA-Alaska’s 33 employees, seven received more than $150,000 in annual compensation from the union. The top-earning employee was UniServ Director Debra Omstead, who received $186,302 in total compensation from the union. Other top-earning employees were UniServ Directors Hedy Eischeid ($181,311), Valerie Baffone ($176,754), and Monica Southworth ($150,690), as well as Chief Financial Officer Karen Roope ($176,538) and Communications Director Zachary Mannix ($173,309). Glenn Bafia, the executive director, only received $11,416 in nontaxable benefits from the union but received $167,472 from “related organizations.” The union spent $125,962 on travel and $3,318 on conferences and meetings. Incredibly, the organization managed to spend $91,487 on dues and subscriptions, which does not include the $170,197 fee the union paid to the National Education Association, which had spent $13.6 million during the 2022 election cycle as of this writing on political activities and lobbying nationally. NEA-Alaska also spent $158,734 of its members’ dues on advertising and promotion. Anchorage Education Association, Classified Employees Association, Education Support Staff Association, Fairbanks Education Association, Matanuska-Susitna Education Association,