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    Opinion – Howie Carr: Ex-Massachusetts State Police union president Dana Pullman, a crooked cop’s crooked cop

    May 16, 2023 // All these corruption cases follow the same pattern. Just like Monica Cannon-Grant, the BLM racial arsonist and grifter, Pullman started out with high-priced private counsel. Hey, he’d pilfered plenty. But eventually the perps all realize the hopelessness of their cases. That’s when they claim destitution, and their new public defenders demand more time to study the mountain of evidence against their clients. The perps just keep dragging their cases out from continuance to continuance. And in the meantime, on the first of every month the crook gets another automatic $5,453.26 bank deposit. When the hoodlum is inevitably convicted, he claims he needs house arrest because he’s… ailing. See Charles “Professor Pumpkin” Lieber, the Harvard egghead spy for the Red Chinese.