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    How California’s AB5 Law Has Destroyed Women’s Livelihoods In The Freelance Transcription Profession

    September 12, 2022 // An unintended consequence of AB5 appears to be ageism. The freelance transcription profession is especially suited for seniors, so older transcritionists have been harshly affected. Teri Isveri, who runs a successful transcription company in Arizona, had to tell two of her 10-year associates that she could no longer use them once AB5 went into effect. One of them was in her 80s. “This law is crushing so many good people,” said Teri. “This woman was a lifelong Californian, veteran and elderly person who, because of AB5, now no longer has the small income she made. It was horrible to have to break her heart by letting her go.” Jessica Tucker, Kathy Lang, Melissa DeMuri, Debbie Gosselin, Teri Isveri, Anne Cherchian,