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    The Restaurant Group Behind a Popular Downtown Hotel Closes Five Restaurants, Lays Off 100 Unionizing Employees

    February 14, 2024 // Through Unite Here Local 11, the hotel’s restaurant and bar workers filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board in January 2024 that accused Noble 33 of suppressing labor organizing among its staff. According to the report, “Noble 33 contends that its contract with Hotel Figueroa stipulates that the unionization of food and beverage employees would trigger a kill clause between both parties.” However, Hotel Figueroa and Unite Here Local 11 deny this claim.

    Restaurant workers wanted to unionize at this L.A. hotel. Now the restaurants are closing

    February 5, 2024 // The case is playing out at the Hotel Figueroa in downtown, home of Sparrow Italia, Cafe Fig, Bar Magnolia, the Cafeteria and La Casita at Driftwood. The historic building has for the last two decades built a following for its Mediterranean-inspired space and stylish dining rooms, but behind closed doors, tension has loomed between the third-party management company behind the restaurants, called Noble 33, and the estimated 100 food and beverage workers who run them. Discontent between Noble 33 and its employees at Hotel Figueroa started soon after the hospitality group took over food and beverage operations for the hotel in 2021, according to workers and union organizers who spoke with The Times.