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    Tennessee House Committee Abandons Critical Protections for Teacher Salary Increase

    April 12, 2023 // Taxpayers should not be the bills collector for union dues. Unions should collect their own dues and teachers should have the transparency of knowing how much they are paying. Union dues should not simply be another obscure deduction on their paycheck. Worse, teachers’ largest salary increase in Tennessee history could be skimmed by the union. The Tennessee Education Association’s bylaws allow the unions to implement artificial rate hikes for union dues when teachers get raises beyond standard cost of living increases. The unions then use that money to support causes that do not represent Tennessee values. The House Finance, Ways and Means Committee’s failure to safeguard Governor Bill Lee’s vision to get Tennessee teachers and taxpayers out of the business of financing union dues collection is disappointing.

    Tennessee House Subcommittee Strips Critical Paycheck Protection Measures From Salary Increase for Teachers

    April 5, 2023 // “Workers for Opportunity is grateful for passage of House Bill 329, but is disappointed by the failure of the subcommittee to protect teachers' paychecks from union politics and artificial rate hikes,” said Workers for Opportunity Senior Policy Advisor Vincent Vernuccio. “Tennesseans should never have to be the bills collector for unions that fail to represent Tennessee values. It's time unions collect their own dues. We hope the full committee adds these critical protections back into the bill and puts teachers back in charge of their own paychecks.” House Bill 329's Senate companion—Senate Bill 281—maintains paycheck protection measures and is on track to safeguard Tennessee teacher paychecks and taxpayer dollars from union politicking.