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    Tennessee Senate Committee Tackles Union Coercion Commerce and Labor Committee Passes SB 650 to Secure Workers’ Right to a Secret-Ballot Union Election

    March 22, 2023 // Even with the constitutional right-to-work, Tennessee employees can still face union coercion. Card check organizing takes away employees' right to a secret ballot in unionization elections and subjects workers to intimidation, coercion and deception by union leaders. To get these cards, unions can visit workers at their homes or repeatedly call their personal cell phones. Tennessee taxpayers should never have to fund union coercion, nor should companies getting economic incentives need to worry about unions strong-arming them or their employees. Just like Tennessee voters enjoy the right to privacy at the ballot box, Tennessee workers deserve the right to decide union representation through a private, protected ballot. The passage of SB 650 would ensure that, in workplaces that accept state economic incentives in the future, workers have that opportunity.