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    Op-Ed: Disney Cast Members Set to Strike Over Wages

    November 7, 2022 // Contract negotiations failed when Disney refused to go above its proposed $1 per hour wage increase. The union has been asking for a $ 5-an-hour increase that would take place over the next three years. The state of negotiations is not known at this time. It is possible that the strike is being used as a negotiation tactic, which is not unusual when negotiations seem to be stalling.

    Judge blocks BNSF’s 2 biggest unions from going on strike

    February 23, 2022 // Judge Mark Pittman determined the issue is a minor dispute under their contracts, so it must be settled through negotiations or arbitration. He said a strike would arguably hurt “every single American” because of the damage it could do to the economy and all the businesses that rely on BNSF to deliver their products