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    California fast food workers to get $20 minimum wage under new deal between labor and the industry

    September 12, 2023 // Before the law could take effect, the fast food industry gathered enough signatures to qualify a referendum on the law in the November 2024 election. That meant the law would be on hold until voters could decide whether to overturn it. Furious, labor unions sponsored legislation this year that would have made fast food companies like McDonald’s liable for any misdeeds of their mostly independent franchise operators in the state. Democratic lawmakers also restored funding to the Industrial Welfare Commission, a long-dormant state agency that has the power to set wage and workplace standards for multiple industries.

    SEIU: ‘California’s Fourth Branch of Government’

    July 13, 2023 // Notably, Manzo said businesses with labor union agreements usually don’t have to labor under the same strict state labor laws they force on other non-union private sector businesses – they receive exemptions in unholy deals with Democrat lawmakers. For more information on California’s Fourth Branch of Government and how to fight it, visit CABIA is calling out unscrupulous trial attorneys, paid politicians, and their allies that want to maintain the status quo in California. Our lawsuit tracker is the only one of its kind that provides public data on the amount of Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA) suits law firms file each year. We also publish information on which politicians are backed by trial lawyer advocacy groups and other interests groups that would like to keep PAGA intact.