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    Michigan: Listen to union members: Protect right-to-work

    March 16, 2023 // Two separate Mackinac Center polls found that voters want to keep right-to-work by a two-to-one margin. Tellingly, that includes 55% of Michigan union members – spot on with the results of the union-backed poll in Tennessee. In other words, the very people unions say they’re fighting for want the unions to stop fighting altogether. It should come as no surprise that union members support this common-sense policy. They understand that right-to-work protects their right to join a union just as much as it does their decision not to do so. They also understand that if the union is not looking out for their best interests, they should never be forced to continue giving it their hard-earned money. And that’s why unions are fighting against their own members’ wishes. They want to keep workers’ money, which they can spend to elect governors and legislators who will protect them – a never-ending cycle where unions and union-backed politicians win. That inevitably means workers lose because no one is actually speaking for them.