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    California Governor Confirms Unionization of Agricultural Employees Through “Card Check” Process: Your Top 3 Takeaways

    May 22, 2023 // Governor Newsom recently signed a bill into law clarifying that a single alternative to the traditional secret ballot method – an alternative known as the “card check” election – may be used for unions to organize at agricultural work settings in California. AB 113, which was signed on May 15 and takes effect immediately, amends last year’s controversial AB 2183. As we previously reported here, AB 2183 provided that employers could enter an agreement called a “Labor Peace Compact” where they would agree to act neutrally with respect to unionization. In turn, instead of participating in a card check election, these employees would vote either in-person through the traditional secret ballot election or through a secret mail-in ballot election. AB 113 eliminates the secret mail-in ballot election and the “Labor Peace Compact” altogether.