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    Prosecutors want 19 months in prison for ex-Teamsters boss John Coli Sr. in extortion case

    October 13, 2022 // In a sentencing memo filed late Wednesday, Assistant U.S. Attorney Amarjeet Bhachu wrote that Coli’s extortion was “prolonged, calculated, and deliberate,” involving regular bribe payments in “envelopes bursting with wads” of $25,000 in cash. Coli also “milked his position as a union official” in other ways over the years, netting him more than a half a million dollars in benefits including meals in Las Vegas, box seats at baseball and football games and the use of a yacht and two-person crew to cruise around the Italy, the prosecution filing stated.

    ‘People are walking off the job’: workers blame American Red Cross for US blood shortage

    June 28, 2022 // But workers at the organization say the shortage is being caused by widespread staffing issues. Low pay and understaffing are causing problems, and workers say they often have to turn away donors due to backed-up lines, and that management has not supported workers or donors enough to resolve these issues. A document from a January meeting revealed that a Red Cross senior account manager, Joseph Shockley, told hospital representatives that labor and staffing issues have driven blood supply concerns, cautioning: “We don’t want to drive donors to places that are understaffed that turn donors away – that becomes frustrating to donors.” Joseph Shockley, Darryl Ford, blood drives, coalition of labor unions, Bobbie Terrell,