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    OHIO: County AFL-CIO asks commissioners to back Harris radio system

    February 7, 2023 // Commissioner Michelle Hung and former commissioner Matt Lundy voted Dec. 21 to approve the nearly $8 million contract, using a portion of Lorain County's share of American Rescue Plan Act funds. Moore and Riddell voted to rescind the contract Jan. 9, saying the bid process was improper and may have been interfered with by Hung. The later accusation is under investigation by the state Auditor's Office. In response, CCI filed a breach of contract lawsuit and the union representing Lorain County sheriff's deputies filed a grievance that appears headed for arbitration.

    Ohio labor union leader is asked to testify for Householder in bribery case

    February 1, 2023 // Burga’s motion stated that the Ohio AFL-CIO received $1.4 million from the political nonprofit Generation Now to help in a campaign against the effort to repeal House Bill 6, a nuclear power plant bailout. Prosecutors have said FirstEnergy pumped tens of millions of dollars into Generation Now, a 501(c)4 allegedly run by Householder so he could use the money for personal and political gain. Prosecutors said Householder passed the nuclear power plant bailout for FirstEnergy in exchange for that money. According to Burga's attorneys, the Ohio AFL-CIO accepted that money from Generation Now on the condition that the labor union would “control the content of the advertising.”