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    Cleveland, union reach tentative agreement that could avert plow driver strike

    January 17, 2023 // he FOX 8 I-Team has learned of a tentative agreement reached in a contract dispute involving Cleveland plow drivers, garbage collectors, airport maintenance workers and others. The agreement comes after a sudden round of contract talks a week before the workers had planned to hold a vote to decide if they would go on strike.

    The REI Union Effort Spreads To Another City

    January 13, 2023 // REI workers in Northeast Ohio are aiming to make their store the third to unionize in less than a year, according to the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU). The labor group said in a statement Wednesday that a “majority” of employees at the REI store in the Cleveland suburb of Orange Village had signed union cards and submitted a petition for a union election to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). The board must ensure sufficient interest in unionizing before scheduling a vote.

    Supreme Court to Ponder Union Rights for National Guard Techs

    January 10, 2023 // The US Supreme Court will hear oral argument over whether to strip federal-sector labor law rights from the National Guard’s dual-status technicians, a unique type of federal employee who works for state militias. The justices on Monday will review a federal appeals court decision blessing the Federal Labor Relations Authority’s jurisdiction over a dispute stemming from the Ohio National Guard’s attempt to oust an American Federation of Government Employees affiliate that represents Guard technicians. The high court is hearing Ohio’s bid to evade federal oversight—an obstacle to ejecting the AFGE affiliate—despite agreement among all six federal appeals courts that have ruled on the issue.

    Looming Akron teacher strike: Here’s what parents and caregivers need to know

    January 2, 2023 // AEA has a strike organization in place and will work with its membership to staff selected picket lines, Shipe said. She did not elaborate on those plans, but said AEA has received an outpouring of support from the Akron community, from all APS unions like bus drivers, secretaries, custodians, cafeteria works and others, including labor unions in other school districts and private-sector unions. "Our labor brothers and sisters are united in our efforts to secure safe schools and responsible and fair wages," she said.

    Flanked by Union Allies, Biden Touts $36 Billion Pension Bailout

    December 9, 2022 // President Joe Biden announced a $36 billion bailout for the Central States Pension Fund, one of the nation’s biggest multi-employer plans, touting the help for union workers and retirees as he looks to mend ties with organized labor after a contentious rail deal.

    Right-to-Work battle looms in Michigan: Businesses fear repeal by Democrats

    December 5, 2022 // Michigan business groups are wary of Democrats’ calls to repeal Right-to-Work laws when they take charge in Lansing early next year, saying the state instead should focus on economic policies that attract jobs. Business Leaders for Michigan, the Michigan Chamber of Commerce and chamber leaders from the state’s two largest cities — Detroit and Grand Rapids — all urge caution. But Democrats — who are backed heavily by unions including the Michigan Education Association and United Auto Workers — say the move prioritizes workers and labor rights.

    Workers to vote on unionizing at new Ohio GM-LG battery plant

    November 28, 2022 // Workers at Ultium Cells LLC in Warren, Ohio, will vote on 7th and 8th December after the United Auto Workers (UAW) petitioned to represent about 900 workers, said the National Labor Relations Board. The vote is a crucial test of the ability of the UAW to organize workers in the growing electric vehicle (EV) supply chain, and came after most employees signed cards authorizing the union to represent them.

    Union workers from Amherst’s Nordson Corporation go on strike

    November 16, 2022 // Titone added that Nordson ICS expects to continue operating through the work stoppage by "utilizing available resources as necessary."

    Op-ed: Nothing Does More to Weaken Unions Than Union Leaders

    November 2, 2022 // In 2018, before the Janus decision affirmed that teachers can refuse to support their unions’ radical politics, the CTA boasted 310,000 members. Today that number stands at 280,000 — a loss of more than 30,000 members and $36 million a year in lost dues revenue — much of which would have gone into campaign coffers to buy elected officials who would serve Big Labor’s interests.