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    Opinion: Loudoun County School Board Should Be Wary of LEA’s Collective Bargaining Push

    March 20, 2023 // In states like Illinois and Michigan, collective bargaining allows teachers to show up for work intoxicated and avoid discipline. In Connecticut, collective bargaining made it possible for a state hospital employee to fatally abuse a patient and then get his job back …caring for more vulnerable people. New York holds perhaps the most chilling example of the harm that befalls students and the community subject to collective bargaining: a union used taxpayer dollars to protect a teacher who admitted to repeatedly sexually abusing students. Collective bargaining locks public employees into multi-year contracts that ensure limited job advancement, teachers are taken out of the classroom to do union business on the taxpayer’s dime, and individual freedom is stifled. After all, when you are represented by a union, you give away your voice and your power to that union.