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    Connecticut: City of Shelton doesn’t have to pay Teamsters’ “initiation fees” after MERA violation

    May 10, 2023 // Teamsters Local 145 secretary-treasurer Dennis Novak wrote that he was happy the city hired these four individuals, there was no need to extend the period and alter provisions in the contract and refused to sign the MOU. The full-time offers to the four employees were ultimately rescinded. When the city moved to hire the same four workers to do the same work at the same pay as the full-time job on a contractual basis, they all signed union membership cards to have union dues deducted from their pay, but the city denied their memberships, saying that since the employment offers had been rescinded so should the union membership applications. The Labor Board ordered the city to cease and desist from dealing directly with prospective employees for bargaining unit positions, hire the four employees to the positions offered to them with back pay, and pay the union back dues. Shelton had been at odds with Local 145 in 2022 over contract negotiations that had reached a stalemate.

    Video: Why Are Labor Unions Targeting Youth?

    March 15, 2022 // Labor unions have one major motivator for growing their ranks: money. The steady drop in membership has meant a drop in the amount of dues unions take in. And unions losing money is bad news for their allies on the political Left, who rely heavily on the funding they receive from unions each year.