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    USPS sees ‘massive turnover’ in non-career workers as union protests short-staffing

    May 8, 2023 // APWU held nationwide protests in front of postal facilities and congressional offices on April 28 — Workers’ Memorial Day — to voice concerns about workforce shortages. APWU National President Mark Dimondstein said USPS is seeing “massive turnover” with new hires, and that short-staffing is also impacting the agency’s level of customer service.

    Railroad Strike Threat Shows How Unions’ Rigid Rules Often Hurt Workers

    October 6, 2022 // Railroad companies would almost certainly have raised compensation to maintain the workforce they needed, but they’ve been locked in by union contracts that prevent them from increasing workers’ pay—or any other benefits—until a new contract is reached. The lack of flexibility to respond quickly to changing circumstances and conditions has almost certainly hampered railroad companies’ ability to find workers throughout the pandemic.