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    Railroad Strike Threat Shows How Unions’ Rigid Rules Often Hurt Workers

    October 6, 2022 // Railroad companies would almost certainly have raised compensation to maintain the workforce they needed, but they’ve been locked in by union contracts that prevent them from increasing workers’ pay—or any other benefits—until a new contract is reached. The lack of flexibility to respond quickly to changing circumstances and conditions has almost certainly hampered railroad companies’ ability to find workers throughout the pandemic.

    Are Labor Unions Effective?

    September 1, 2022 // Critics of labor unions maintain that union contracts are anti-employer and make it more difficult for a company to fire an unproductive employee. They also believe that unions can increase long-term costs for employers, which can decrease competitiveness. 8 For example, many claim that unions are responsible for the decline of the U.S. auto industry. Foreign automakers entered the U.S. auto market in the 1970s and hired non-union workers to build vehicles. 9 Due to the savings in labor costs, they could afford to sell their vehicles for less than U.S. manufacturers. This made it much harder for the unionized big three automakers to produce competitive cars at affordable prices, and they lost significant market share.


    April 1, 2022 // ou have the right to go to work during a strike without suffering union discipline, but ONLY if you are a non-member or resign your union membership first. Union officials can (and often do) fine union members who work during a strike. Resigning union membership BEFORE you return to work during a strike is the only way to avoid these union fines and discipline. For more information, visit: Union Discipline and Employee Rights.

    The Jobs Report Came in Strong. Don’t Celebrate Yet.

    February 7, 2022 // The Biden administration is celebrating the better-than-expected 467,000 January job-creation numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. But the new data put the Federal Reserve even further behind in fighting inflation, potentially setting up a 50 basis point increase in March, rather than the 25 basis point increase markets are primed for. That could send equities further down.

    Health-Care Strike Risk Runs High as Hundreds of Labor Deals End

    January 26, 2022 // At least 207,000 health-care workers are covered by the more than 400 labor agreements set to expire this year, according to an analysis of federal disclosures and contract settlement data compiled by Bloomberg Law.