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    Potential rail union strike could shut down Metro-North this fall

    July 11, 2023 // The union said trains cannot function without inspectors, which means a potential strike could disrupt the commute of many Metro-North Railroad riders. In a recent tweet, the TWU of America said the vote to approve a strike upon release from mediation was nearly unanimous. The tweet also said, “Make no mistake, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is on a strike trajectory at the nation's second largest commuter rail system."

    Federal Judge Rejects Attempt by TWU Union and Southwest to Thwart Flight Attendant’s Religious Discrimination Suit

    May 11, 2022 // Carter resigned from union membership but was still forced to pay fees to TWU Local 556 as a condition of her employment. State Right to Work laws do not protect her from forced union fees because airline and railway employees are covered by the federal Railway Labor Act (RLA). The RLA allows union officials to have a worker fired for refusing to pay union dues or fees. But it does protect the rights of employees to remain nonmembers of the union, to criticize the union and its leadership, and advocate for changing the union’s current leadership.