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    Medieval Times Workers End Their Strike

    November 27, 2023 // The workers’ union said it had submitted an unconditional offer to return to work and that Medieval Times had accepted. The castle’s show cast and knights first walked off the job back in February after accusing the company of committing unfair labor practices, including trying to silence them on social media. Workers at the Buena Park castle have been trying to bargain a first contract since joining the American Guild of Variety Artists more than a year ago. The union said in a statement that the call to end the strike was “a decision we did not make lightly,” and thanked “the thousands of guests, union members, and community allies” who showed their solidarity.

    Boarded The Teachers’ Union Takeover of NY School Districts

    November 21, 2023 // NYSUT’s involvement in state and federal elections is well-documented, but the low turnout in New York’s generally nonpartisan school board elections has given it an even bigger opportunity. The union also isn’t stopping with school boards: its electoral efforts involve elevating members to local, state and federal office, positions from which union members could eventually affect every facet of education policy. The system of campaign finance rules that regulate everything from elections for governor down to town assessors does not cover school board elections.

    Andover teachers sign new contract, ending strike after 5 days of negotiations

    November 16, 2023 // While the School Committee expressed its excitement about the end of the strike, it also noted that with the increased teacher salaries provided under the new contract terms that were agreed upon, it must consider cuts to programs, services and school department staff beginning with the next academic year. "We heard clearly from the teachers and many in the community that teacher and instructional assistant pay was the priority in this agreement and we responded accordingly," Spruce said in her statement. "At the same time, the final agreement is inconsistent with the principles of the town’s long-range financial plan so, to live within our means, we will need to make meaningful program, service, and staff reductions." The School Committee stated that Andover's long-range financial plan includes 3.75% annual increases to the school department's budget allocation and that without budget reductions, the tentative agreement with the Andover Education Association will push the town past that figure.

    Starbucks, union in legal battle over pro-Palestinian social media post

    October 19, 2023 // Starbucks sued Workers United in federal court in Iowa Wednesday, saying a pro-Palestinian social media post from a union account early in the Israel-Hamas war angered hundreds of customers and damaged its reputation. Starbucks is suing for trademark infringement, demanding that Workers United stop using the name "Starbucks Workers United" for the group that is organizing the coffee company's workers. Starbucks also wants the group to stop using a circular green logo that resembles Starbucks' logo. Workers United responded with its own filing, asking a federal court in Pennsylvania to rule that it can continue to use Starbucks' name and a similar logo. Workers United also said Starbucks defamed the union by implying that it supports terrorism and violence.

    Diamondbacks Respond to Team Decision to Cross Strike Picket Lines for Series vs Dodgers

    October 11, 2023 // With the Arizona Diamondbacks in Los Angeles to face the Dodgers for Games one and two of the NLDS, the club found itself in hot water online after it was revealed that they crossed a union picket line to stay at the JW Marriot L.A. Live hotel in Downtown LA. The issue was brought up by UNITE HERE Local 11, which is a union of more than 32,000 hotel, convention center, restaurant and sports area workers in Southern California and Arizona.

    The small pro-labor news site that has the Biden White House’s ear

    October 3, 2023 // Ahead of the announcement that Biden would join the striking workers. More Perfect Union’s executive director, Faiz Shakir, helped connect the White House and United Auto Workers leaders, smoothing the way for Biden to address a crowd of striking workers. “We had a number of conversations with the White House,” Shakir, a former campaign manager for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), said of the planning for the Biden trip. “We’re also on the ground covering UAW and building relationships there. So that’s where we gave a little bit of help on the sidelines.” With a tone that is often serious but always conversational, More Perfect Union highlights the struggles of workers from disparate sectors; one post on social media might be about striking railway workers, while the next might be about exploitation women face in the modeling industry. It also dabbles in memes, jokes and commentary familiar to anyone who spends time online.

    Is Gen Z the reason behind growing support for unions?

    September 21, 2023 // Austin Johnson, 21, works at the Ford Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne. He has a long family history with Ford. His mom works at the plant and his grandfather and great-grandfather worked for Ford. Johnson, who was worked for Ford for two years, walked out last week after contract negotiations failed and his union local was called to strike. "I am a tier two employee. I want to get rid of tiers and completely cancel that, and that's why I am here and striking for," he said.

    NFL players union renews call for grass fields after Aaron Rodgers’ injury

    September 14, 2023 // When the 2026 World Cup is held in North America, all 11 U.S. venues will be at NFL stadiums. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said Wednesday on ESPN he is meeting with the head of FIFA next week about the World Cup. Plans currently call for host stadiums to use grass mixed with artificial surface. Lambeau Field has featured Kentucky bluegrass sod weaved in with synthetic fibers since 2018. “Something that we’re working to try to see is that a better surface for us?” Goodell said. “Because you have to look at climate too. This is not just about is the field going to be good in September? Is it also going to be good in December and January?” The current collective bargaining agreement uses science to measure injuries, with the NFL and the union using the same data. Goodell noted Rodgers had one of two Achilles tendon tears in the NFL‘s first week — the other, suffered by Baltimore’s J.K. Dobbins, occurred on grass. “That is where we make decisions, on the basis of science, not because I see an injury that I don’t like,” Goodell said.

    Student Activists Are Turning Their Attention to the Labor Movement

    June 22, 2023 // Last year, the Young Democratic Socialists of America’s Red Hot Summer program trained hundreds of young people to organize their workplaces and helped launch union drives representing thousands. This year’s program hopes to be even bigger, writes YDSA’s cochair. Student workers across the country are engaged in an unprecedented wave of labor organization. Spurred on by the support of organizations like the Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA), of which I am cochair, undergraduate student workers have launched union drives on nearly thirty public and private campuses in the United States. These workers are fighting for increased pay, improvements to scheduling and hours, sick pay, and better health care. They are also fighting for issues that go beyond bread and butter, like removing Israeli products from dining halls.

    Efforts to unionize agricultural workers in WA face long-standing hurdles

    May 9, 2023 // With Ostrom — and, now, Windmill Farms — workers, labor organizers and community members have held rallies outside the mushroom farm and at several locations where the mushrooms are sold. UFW has asked people to look for the mushrooms in their local grocery stores and help track their distribution. “We have also reached out directly to retailers that carry Ostrom products, asking them to also put pressure on Ostrom to recognize the union,” De Loera said in an email in February. “Consumers can help us do this work by helping to identify Ostrom products in their local stores.” Workers from Sunnyside, community members and UFW staff rallied outside an upscale Seattle grocery store in December 2022 to raise awareness among consumers. Students at the University of Washington successfully lobbied that the school stop using mushrooms from Windmill Farms. The students organized into a group called Students for Farmworkers (SFFW) at UW.