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    Starbucks workers hold strikes in at least 17 states amid union drive

    August 12, 2022 // Workers at Starbucks have held over 55 different strikes in at least 17 states in the US in recent months over the company’s aggressive opposition to a wave of unionization. According to an estimate by Starbucks Workers United, the strikes have cost Starbucks over $375,000 in lost revenue. The union created a $1m strike fund in June 2022 to support Starbucks workers through their strikes and several relief funds have been established for strikes and to support workers who have lost their jobs. Sam Amato, Mason Boykin, Jordie Adams,

    Kern Medical workers announce 3-day strike over ‘unfair labor practice’

    July 12, 2022 // Kern Medical workers announced a three-day strike starting July 26 citing concerns over what they called “a series of unfair labor practice” including employee and in-patient safety concerns, staffing shortages and low wages. Workers announced that if the hospital administration does not meet their demands, they will “engage in a three-day unfair labor practice strike.”

    MFA union ratifies its first contract

    June 30, 2022 // The MFA Union represents all non-managerial employees who are not already represented by another collective bargaining agreement, and includes hourly front-of-house staff and part-time educators as well as members of administrative, technical, curatorial and conservation departments. Union leaders said the salary minimums will improve pay equity across departments and raise salaries up to industry standards. Curators and conservators, who are typically paid less than salaried professionals in other departments, will see the biggest gains. “There is room for improvement in museum compensation as an industry, but this is a step in that direction … so hopefully we don’t get so behind industry standards in the future,” said Eve Mayberger, a member of the bargaining committee and an assistant objects conservator at the museum. “It is a huge improvement for many of our unit members.” Matthew Teitelbaum, Maida Rosenstein

    NYC Avoids Strike by 30,000 Doormen, Building Workers

    April 21, 2022 // Skylar Woodhouse Tue, April 19, 2022, 4:34 PM·3 min read (Bloomberg) -- New York City residents at more than 3,000 buildings, including the city’s most grand high-rises, can stand down on trash duty as building workers struck a labor deal, ending the possibility of a strike. Most Read from Bloomberg Netflix Tumbles as 200,000 Users Exit for First Drop in Decade In Defense of Elon Musk's Managerial Excellence Twitter Has a Poison Pill Now Putin Calls Time on Foreign Listings in Fresh Hit to Tycoons U.S. Stops Mask Requirement on Planes After Judge’s Ruling More than 30,000 doormen, superintendents and other building employees -- who are being represented by 32BJ SEIU, a powerful union -- negotiated a new contract with the Realty Advisory Board on Labor Relations, a group representing building owners and managers, the organizations announced on Tuesday. The contract is up for renewal every four years, and the latest was set to expire at 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday. The board had initially proposed cutting back employees’ vacation days and sick leave. They also wanted staff to cover more of their health-care costs, an expense currently borne by the management firms. As a part of the new contract, union members saw no changes to their vacation days and sick leave, or their health care plans. Annual wage increases will also average 3% over the next four years. Read More: NYC Braces for Doorman Strike as Negotiations Enter Final Hours “We got a deal done that our members have earned and deserved,” 32BJ President Kyle Bragg said in a statement. The union had said the board’s original terms were unfair considering how doormen, superintendents and other building workers played a key role in keeping apartment buildings functioning as much of the world shut down in during the pandemic, often endangering their own health in the process. The negotiation also came as the U.S. is goes through a period of labor unrest not seen since the early 1980s. The labor union had authorized a strike if a deal was not reached, leading buildings around the city to craft contingency plans for disruptions. In some cases, that meant asking residents to help with mail sorting, trash collection and security. The last New York apartment workers strike was in 1991 and lasted for 12 days.

    Louisiana: Kroger union workers vote to authorize strike

    April 4, 2022 // Local Kroger union workers have voted to authorize a strike, union officials said. The vote does not mean a strike is certain, but that it could happen should both sides not reach an agreement, said Shirley Rome, secretary treasurer of Union Local 455. She said the union rejected Kroger’s most recent proposal and authorized the strike Wednesday.

    Is a SoCal Grocery Strike in the Works?

    March 15, 2022 // A labor dispute is brewing in Southern California. Following the expiration of its last contract with grocery banners including Kroger-owned Ralphs and Albertsons-owned Vons, Pavilions and Albertsons, the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) in the region authorized a strike vote.