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    Longshoremen strike CSA operations at the Port of Mobile after mediation falls apart

    November 28, 2022 // The International Longshoremen’s Association Local 1410 began striking CSA Equipment Company’s breakbulk operations at the Port of Mobile Tuesday, less than a month after the two sides agreed to federal mediation. There are four main issues at the heart of negotiations between the local chapter of the union and the stevedoring company: line handling (tying up vessels), retroactive payments to the union’s pension plan, the number of workers per unit and jurisdiction over stevedoring operations at the port. Currently, non-union workers can tie up vessels that union workers are contracted to unload with CSA, something that the union wants to change. Bass says the union wants to control line-handling for any vessels that they unload, which the union says was the case in the past. Line-handling control means more man-hours for union workers, Bass says, which is important because stevedoring work isn’t consistent. SSA Marine and Cooper/T. Smith,