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    Op-Ed: Big Labor fights dirty over control of Southeast port jobs

    May 20, 2022 // Daggett and Co. are counting on pro-forced unionism bureaucrat Lauren McFerran, whom President Joe Biden elevated to the NLRB chairmanship last year, and two other NLRB members selected by Biden last year to sit on this case while they continue to break the law. If top ILA union bosses turn out to be right about the NLRB, then the hybrid work model that has greatly enhanced the competitiveness of the major North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia ports will be in grave jeopardy.

    About the waterfront: Gov. Hochul must fight New Jersey’s attempt to dismantle a corruption-fighting agency

    February 14, 2022 // Gov. Hochul showed necessary mettle in saying no to New Jersey’s illegal and unconstitutional attempt to quit the bistate Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor, which battles mobsters and the mob-influenced International Longshoremen’s Association for control of the docks on both sides of the Hudson. She must now stay firm as Jersey tries to press ahead with its dirty work.