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    Opinion: Can Unions Still Transform the Workplace?

    August 18, 2022 // Starbucks workers across Buffalo created a citywide account on the GroupMe app, which enabled them to track corporate executives as they moved from café to café—and alert one another to be prepared. “What you’re seeing is organizing evolving with the times,” Eisen says. Soon after the successful union vote at her store, Eisen hopped on a Zoom call with workers at a Starbucks café in Mesa, Arizona, to share what she had learned with her counterparts on the other side of the nation. Bill Fletcher Jr, geriatric millennial, Shaun Richman, Jane McAlevey, people of color,

    Exclusive: Biden’s emergency board calls for railroad wage hikes to resolve contract talks

    August 18, 2022 // U.S. President Joe Biden's emergency board tasked with helping major freight railroads and unions end a contract negotiation stalemate proposed on Tuesday annual wage increases of between 4% and 7% through 2024, according to a report seen by Reuters. The board also recommended in its 119-page report set to be made public as early as Wednesday a 3% retroactive increase for 2020 and 3.5% for 2021, when the rail workers did not have a contract, along with five $1,000 annual bonuses and an additional paid day off.

    Damning Report Shows Unions Have Plenty of Money to Organize—They Just Don’t Spend It

    August 11, 2022 // The $29.1 billion in net assets for unions, by the way, does not include the value of union pensions — which hold trillions of dollars in assets themselves. (Those pension assets could and should be strategically invested with the goal of strengthening the labor movement, but that is a topic for another day.) Those tens of billions, though, could accomplish a lot. Bohner, in his report, has a few suggestions: Hiring 20,000 new union organizers ($1.4 billion per year), supercharging spending on strike benefits ($1 billion per year), and funding ​“a new $3 billion entity (or entities) that could engage in riskier civil disobedience activities, like illegal strikes, secondary boycott activities, or defying restrictive court injunctions on picketing and protest.” One can quibble over the specific numbers, but these are all, frankly, very good ideas. We must enable vastly more union organizing; we must enable more strikes; and we must be able to take militant labor actions that fall outside the law, so long as the law is designed to handcuff labor. These things are not pipe dreams — they are all, as this report details, financially possible. So what is lacking? Leaders to make them happen. ” Chris Bohner, Radish Research,

    Labor Relations Radio, Ep 29—Mercatus Center’s Michael Farren On Unions, & Free Market Labor Policy

    July 14, 2022 // In this episode of Labor Relations Radio, Dr. Farren discussed a “blue sky” vision of how unions could prosper by getting rid of “Unions’ Original Sin: Exclusive Representation” and competing in a free market workplace, as well as independent contractors and the problems with the PRO Act. A Pro-Union Vision for the 21st Century and Beyond

    Short-staffed hotels are hiring robots — and labor unions are pushing back

    July 6, 2022 // A handful of hotels across the US – from the Mandarin Oriental in Boston to a Holiday Inn Express in Redwood City, Calif. – have begun turning to robots to provide guest services usually performed by human employees. Labor unions don’t find the idea of robots working at a hotel funny, much less robot jokes. Organizers fear the budding army of automatons, which currently numbers at least 200 nationwide, is threatening to grow and replace dues-paying members. The issue is bubbling up in the hospitality industry even as it has lately sparked division in other sectors amid a nationwide labor shortage. That includes talks between port operators and West Coast dock workers whose labor contract expired on July 1. army of automatons, Relay Robotics, American Hotel & Lodging Association, Vaughn Davis, Dream Hollywood, Bear Robotics, Luma Hotel, non-union hotels, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Boston, Hawaii, Rich Maroko,


    June 15, 2022 // the primary demands presented were that Cannabis Nation hire back four workers who were previously fired over offenses such as time theft or verbal harassment towards management, and to be sure that the fire alarms at the agricultural plant are working Until then, the picketers are paid by the union to protest for their demands, and the picketers ask that their story be spread, along with a consumer boycott on all Cannabis Nation products. occupational safety, health officials, NELL LITTLE, The Advocate, Mt. Hood Community College,

    NYC Amazon Workers Overwhelmingly Reject Unionization In Brutal Defeat for Union Organizers

    May 2, 2022 // Today’s crippling defeat for the ALU shows that the media’s wishcasting was not based in reality and raises critical questions as to whether the JFK8 union vote was just a fluke. There are certainly ample reasons to question the legitimacy of the ALU’s Staten Island victory. The NLRB – supposedly the impartial referee of representation elections – put its thumb on the scale just one week before the JFK8 vote commenced.