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    U.S. Independent Professionals Earned $286 Billion in 2022, a Nearly 10% Increase Compared to 2021, According to Fiverr’s Sixth Annual Freelance Economic Impact Report

    May 19, 2023 // Women see a clear advantage to freelancing over traditional employment This year’s report reveals that women are pursuing freelance work for a number of reasons, including that they prefer to work from home (41% versus 31% men), want more flexibility in their schedule (39% versus 22% men), feel burned out (25% versus 17% men), want to avoid an unpleasant or toxic work environment (26% versus 15% men), and experience a lack of enjoyment in their work (22% versus 13% men). The ability to “work from anywhere” remains a priority for freelancers and more plan to work and travel next year The ability to “work from anywhere” while traveling is a major factor or somewhat of a factor in the decision for nearly three-in-four (73%) freelancers who work independently to do so. Working remotely while traveling is becoming more common, with one-third (32%) of independent professionals reporting they did at least some work from remote locations in 2022 compared to only 23% in 2021.

    Independent workforce climbs as U.S. women leave traditional jobs

    May 17, 2023 // The independent professionals in the report are defined as not employing others and working in the following industries: • Professional services, such as legal, accounting and marketing • Skilled technical services, including architecture and computers • Creative services, such as artists and video producers Here's a breakdown of independent professionals and their typical revenue in 2022, based on the study's survey: • Professional, 3.4 million people, with average earnings per hour of $103 • Technical, 1.9 million people, with average earnings per hour of $90 • Creative, 1.4 million people, with average earnings per hour of $71 Despite mounting concerns over the economy, most independent professionals feel financially secure, according to the survey. More than eight in 10 reckon that having multiple sources of income provides a greater level of security than relying on a single employer.