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    U.S. Independent Professionals Earned $286 Billion in 2022, a Nearly 10% Increase Compared to 2021, According to Fiverr’s Sixth Annual Freelance Economic Impact Report

    May 19, 2023 // Women see a clear advantage to freelancing over traditional employment This year’s report reveals that women are pursuing freelance work for a number of reasons, including that they prefer to work from home (41% versus 31% men), want more flexibility in their schedule (39% versus 22% men), feel burned out (25% versus 17% men), want to avoid an unpleasant or toxic work environment (26% versus 15% men), and experience a lack of enjoyment in their work (22% versus 13% men). The ability to “work from anywhere” remains a priority for freelancers and more plan to work and travel next year The ability to “work from anywhere” while traveling is a major factor or somewhat of a factor in the decision for nearly three-in-four (73%) freelancers who work independently to do so. Working remotely while traveling is becoming more common, with one-third (32%) of independent professionals reporting they did at least some work from remote locations in 2022 compared to only 23% in 2021.

    San Jose recycling drivers allege union busting

    May 10, 2023 // With a staff of less than 100 people, the family-owned business has subcontracted with local governments and prolific developers to help bring major Bay Area developments to life, from Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara to Santana Row and San Jose Mineta International Airport’s Terminal B. Castillo is one of up to 20 drivers for the company who haul construction materials from major development sites. The drivers voted to join the Teamsters Local 853 last year after allegations of payroll issues and unsafe working conditions were not addressed. In July, the drivers will have to vote again to keep their union.

    A Bay Area homebuilder planned a project with union rules. Can it work anywhere else?

    May 9, 2023 // Developers are subject to state fines of up to $10,000 per month for each missing monthly compliance report. If a company is found to be skirting the “skilled and trained” standard entirely, the penalties can rack up much higher and much quicker: $200 per day “for each worker employed in contravention” of the rule.

    Reform Advocates Call for Transparency in Arrest of San Jose Cop Union Executive Director on Drug Smuggling Charges

    April 6, 2023 // Justice reform advocates are calling for full transparency after Joanne Marian Segovia, executive director of the San Jose Police Union for nearly 20 years, was recently arrested by the U.S. Dept. of Justice for attempting to import synthetic opioids from overseas, including fentanyl.

    Op-ed: Political Earthquake in CA as Numerous High-Ranking Officials and Union Leaders Face Legal Trouble

    April 3, 2023 // While many are focused on National Politics, with the former President being indicted, California's elite have their own worries with multiple major legal scandals. The political fissure runs from Sacramento to the southern border and will have aftershocks for years.

    Union Staffers End Strike Against Union They Work For

    November 16, 2022 // The striking SEIU staff members belong to another union, Pacific Northwest Staff Union Chapter 2015, and they went on strike through this union. PNWSU's 130 members work for SEIU as call center operators, research analysts, IT workers and labor organizers. Shortly before the strike began, PNWSU leaders released an open letter to "elected officials and political allies," which explained the reason its members intended to stay off the job.