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    Kellogg strike resolution being hailed as victory for organized labor

    December 29, 2021 // "In the current climate, it's easy to negotiate with the labor shortage," he said. "With union workers, it's our time. It's time for the workers of the world to step up and our leaders to negotiate good deals. There's still a massive wage disparity where the CEO of BP is making way more than the refinery workers. We want to do projects for those companies. But we want the worker to make money. The company should make money. The customer should make money. Everyone should make money. It's about how they choose to divide the pie."

    Strike threat looms as grocery union, Kroger bargaining resumes

    December 13, 2021 // The average hourly wage for a Fred Meyer associate in Oregon is $17.29 per hour, the company said. The average total compensation, it said, is almost $23 per hour.