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    Grady EMS employees in the early stages of trying to unionize

    July 29, 2022 // This comes after a CBS46 investigation exposed dangerously slow response times earlier this month. Grady’s average monthly response time for critical and emergent calls, according to state records, was between 22 and 29 minutes for the first five months of 2022. For less urgent calls, the average monthly response time was between 46 and 89 minutes. An Atlanta paramedic shared the above flyer with CBS46 investigative reporter Rachel Polansky. He said these flyers are now popping up at hospitals around the area. Rachel Polansky, Grady EMS Union’ Facebook page

    Chicago mayor warns police to get vaccine by Sunday or lose pay

    March 16, 2022 // On Wednesday, when announcing the appeal, Catanzara said: “I don’t know what happens over the next 72 hours. All I can tell you is we are not going to stop punching. This easily can be all averted before this cliff becomes a reality.” Catanzara in recent weeks has sounded the alarm over what he said will be a “bloodbath” in Chicago if his predictions of a mass resignation come true.