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    Dunkin’ faces first union push in 12 years

    September 5, 2023 // Recently, SEIU’s Union of Southern Service Workers has begun working toward a new model of unionism that relies on a combination of organizing across industries in specific cities, shop floor actions and regulatory pressure campaigns. The USSW’s strategy resulted in a strike at a South Carolina Waffle House earlier this summer, and a march on the boss at an Atlanta Dunkin’ earlier this month. Why BCTGM, which is not affiliated with SEIU, chose to pursue a union election at a 23-person Dunkin’ Donuts in Ohio is not clear. But it could signal that the upsurge in labor activity at the margins of the restaurant industry has not yet dissipated. BCTGM members struck Kellogg’s plants in 2021, and a Hormel plant in 2022.


    August 30, 2023 // The Union of Southern Service Workers began making headlines last fall after formally christening themselves during a rally in Columbia, South Carolina. This union holds some familiar attributes, given that it began as an offshoot of Raise Up, the Southern leg of the SEIU’s Fight for $15 initiative. Yet this is no ordinary effort by the SEIU, for the USSW purports to not only be “built by and for low-wage workers” but also stretches across many industries. A key distinction: The union frames itself as a cross-sector organization, designed to retain members even if they job-hop between industries, i.e., fast food, retail, hotel, nursing home, warehouses, etc.

    Savannah Morning News staff vote against unionizing, amid employee departures at Gannett-owned paper

    August 11, 2023 // A unionization effort at the Savannah Morning News has failed, after staff at the Gannett-owned newspaper on Wednesday voted 3-0 against organizing under the journalism labor union NewsGuild. The decision came two months after a group of eight reporters at the daily publication announced their intent to unionize, calling on Gannett to provide better pay and working conditions. But since then, several of those journalists have left the Morning News, and another — environmental reporter Marisa Mecke — told GPB that she was not allowed to participate in the election because her position is funded by an external grant.

    Teamsters president says he’s asked the White House not to intervene if UPS workers go on strike

    July 17, 2023 // "Asked during a webcast with members Sunday on whether the White House could force a contract on the union, Teamsters President Sean O'Brien said he has asked the White House on numerous occasions to stay away." The Teamsters represent more than half of the Atlanta-based company's workforce in the largest private-sector contract in North America. If a strike does happen, it would be the first since a 15-day walkout by 185,000 workers crippled the company a quarter century ago.

    Southwest Airlines pilots approach potential strike with request to leave negotiation proceedings

    July 6, 2023 // In the transportation labor negotiations process, the National Mediation Board mediates contract discussions between the carrier and its employees. When a party requests a release from mediation, the board must determine whether continuing with the negotiations process would be productive. If the answer is no, the NMB allows "a cooling-off period" of 30 days, after which a strike can happen. SWAPA pilots are planning a nationwide picket on Aug. 31 in five cities: Atlanta, Baltimore, Houston, Chicago and Los Angeles. Earlier this month, Southwest reached agreements in principle with its flight attendants union — whose board later rejected the agreement — and its aircraft mechanics union, which moved forward with a tentative agreement.

    Union of Southern Service Workers rallies at Labor Department to protest unsafe work conditions, deliver complaint

    April 6, 2023 // The new Union of Southern Service Workers and affiliated workers staged a rally outside the U.S. Department of Labor’s downtown Atlanta office on Tuesday to demand stronger workplace protections and federal enforcement of safety regulations. About 50 USSW organizers and workers from Family Dollar, Waffle House and other companies converged on the Department of Labor’s office at 61 Forsyth St., before marching to Centennial Park.

    Union members approve new contract with UPS

    October 24, 2022 // Aircraft maintenance workers at Georgia-based UPS approved a three-year contract that provides raises and pension improvements for more than 1,600 union members nationwide, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters said. Wage hikes of 3.3% and increases in pension benefits will begin in November 2023, the union said in a statement Tuesday after more than 87% of voting members of Teamsters Local 2727 approved the deal.

    Grady EMS employees in the early stages of trying to unionize

    July 29, 2022 // This comes after a CBS46 investigation exposed dangerously slow response times earlier this month. Grady’s average monthly response time for critical and emergent calls, according to state records, was between 22 and 29 minutes for the first five months of 2022. For less urgent calls, the average monthly response time was between 46 and 89 minutes. An Atlanta paramedic shared the above flyer with CBS46 investigative reporter Rachel Polansky. He said these flyers are now popping up at hospitals around the area. Rachel Polansky, Grady EMS Union’ Facebook page

    Apple retail workers in New York switch unions

    June 10, 2022 // Apple retail workers at the Grand Central store in New York are unionizing with the Communications Workers of America (CWA) rather than Workers United as originally planned. The move is part of a broad organizing push at Apple retail stores across the country, where workers in Maryland, Georgia, and Kentucky have announced union campaigns. If any of the stores are successful, it will represent the first union of Apple employees in the United States. Lynne Fox, Anthony Viola, Deirdre O’Brien,