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    Deputy police chiefs allege pattern of corruption in Wichita City Hall, police union

    September 29, 2022 // The three police executives, deputy chiefs Jose Salcido and Chet Pinkston and retired Deputy Chief Wanda Givens, on Monday presented the department with a demand letter alleging a pattern of misconduct, collusion and cover-up involving City Manager Robert Layton, city Human Resources Director Chris Bezruki and the Fraternal Order of Police. The letter alleges that Bezruki in particular had a cozy relationship with the union, receiving gifts and expensive meals in exchange for favorable treatment of the union in contract negotiations and when union members were brought up on disciplinary complaints.

    Chicago mayor warns police to get vaccine by Sunday or lose pay

    March 16, 2022 // On Wednesday, when announcing the appeal, Catanzara said: “I don’t know what happens over the next 72 hours. All I can tell you is we are not going to stop punching. This easily can be all averted before this cliff becomes a reality.” Catanzara in recent weeks has sounded the alarm over what he said will be a “bloodbath” in Chicago if his predictions of a mass resignation come true.

    Many Maryland state government workers will get raises under new contracts

    December 20, 2021 // Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan’s administration has reached agreements with multiple unions that will mean raises for many state employees.