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    As Obscure as an Extra, She Has a Lead Role in Hollywood’s Labor Fight

    August 30, 2023 // Wanted or not, the spotlight has found her. Many union members blame her for the negotiating logjam that has brought almost all movie and television production in Hollywood to a halt. Partly because of her woman-of-mystery persona and partly because she’s an easy target, Ms. Lombardini has become an avatar for the grievances of tens of thousands of striking workers. “Carol can go kick rocks,” Caroline Renard, a striking writer, said this month on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. With her public personality absent, actors and writers have invented one. In May, someone started a parody account on X that has portrayed Ms. Lombardini as a crass tyrant declaring, “I’m a goddess of chaos!” (Yes, she has seen it, an associate said. No, she is not amused.) Another group of screenwriters have mocked Ms. Lombardini online as a fuddy-duddy who hangs out at chain restaurants, the taunt being that no Hollywood person would be caught dead in one. (Her office is near a Cheesecake Factory in suburban Los Angeles.)

    Writers Strike Collateral Damage: Janitor Layoffs at Studios Spur Demonstration

    June 16, 2023 // Hundreds of janitors and supporters marched from the Sony lot to Amazon Studios on Thursday to support striking Hollywood writers and protest alleged layoffs at major entertainment companies during the ongoing work stoppage. According to the SEIU United Service Workers West union, which organized the demonstration with the Writers Guild of America, about 50 janitors have been laid off since the work stoppage began May 2, while others have seen their hours cut. The cuts have occurred across all major studios, according to the union, though it name-checks Paramount and Radford Studio Center in particular. (The Hollywood Reporter has reached out to Radford Studio Center and Paramount for comment.)