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    Arizona university workers demand thriving wage

    January 27, 2023 // Workers at the University of Arizona (UA) are demanding a large pay raise, to the tune of $25 an hour, by 2025. The United Campus Workers of Arizona (UCW), which also represents workers at Arizona State University (ASU), is calling for people to sign their petition to university administrators to implement a “dignified wage for ALL workers.” The UCW petition clamored for the payment of “a thriving wage, not a poverty wage” for workers due to rising inflation, which led to “significant increases in housing costs, gas, and food expenses.” The petition also claimed that around 4,000 employees “are not making enough to survive in our communities” because 43% of UA workers make less than $25 an hour. Currently, the UA petition has gathered 579 signatures out of its goal of 800 signatures.

    AZ University Workers Ask for Better Pay, Working Conditions

    January 3, 2023 // The United Campus Workers of Arizona group says contingent faculty make up the majority of all faculty appointments at both schools. Reed said that means being hired on short-term contracts with no guarantee of renewal. "There is a lot of precarity in these teaching positions," said Reed, "and that, of course, influences students' learning, so that students can't really count on having instructors teaching particular courses. There's just a lot of uncertainty." The union members want more job stability in the form of multi-year contracts, as well as paths to promotion. UCW Arizona is collecting signatures before presenting the petitions to each university's respective president and the Arizona Board of Regents