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    Sparked by Pandemic Stresses, Unionizing Workers Seek Respect and a Place at the Table

    August 18, 2022 // Throughout the pandemic, we were called ‘essential workers,’ yet we weren’t given the wages, benefits or respect that being ‘essential’ would denote.” Nick Kalm, John Logan, Labor and Employment Studies Department at San Francisco State University

    Opinion: Can Unions Still Transform the Workplace?

    August 18, 2022 // Starbucks workers across Buffalo created a citywide account on the GroupMe app, which enabled them to track corporate executives as they moved from café to café—and alert one another to be prepared. “What you’re seeing is organizing evolving with the times,” Eisen says. Soon after the successful union vote at her store, Eisen hopped on a Zoom call with workers at a Starbucks café in Mesa, Arizona, to share what she had learned with her counterparts on the other side of the nation. Bill Fletcher Jr, geriatric millennial, Shaun Richman, Jane McAlevey, people of color,

    Starbucks workers hold strikes in at least 17 states amid union drive

    August 12, 2022 // Workers at Starbucks have held over 55 different strikes in at least 17 states in the US in recent months over the company’s aggressive opposition to a wave of unionization. According to an estimate by Starbucks Workers United, the strikes have cost Starbucks over $375,000 in lost revenue. The union created a $1m strike fund in June 2022 to support Starbucks workers through their strikes and several relief funds have been established for strikes and to support workers who have lost their jobs. Sam Amato, Mason Boykin, Jordie Adams,

    Opinion: With Inflation High, Unions, Suppress Wages

    August 7, 2022 // Good luck getting a big raise if you’re in a union right now. That’s the unspoken message of a July 29 report from the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. It showed that nonunion workers’ nominal pay in June was up 5.8% year over year, compared with only 3.8% for union workers’. The gap has been widening for a year. Why? Inflation. This divergence makes sense when you think of how union contracts operate. Unions negotiate long-term collective-bargaining agreements between workers and employers, with a typical contract lasting three to five years. That locks in the union’s gains but leaves it with little bargaining power or flexibility when something sudden or severe, like the current inflation, hits. So unless the contract is about to expire, union members are trapped when they need the freedom to negotiate better raises much faster.

    Workers United says it will waive bargaining rights over some Starbucks benefits

    August 4, 2022 // In addition to the benefits Starbucks announced in early May, the company said later that month it would also cover travel expenses for workers seeking gender affirming healthcare or abortions. sip-ins, Workers United International President Lynne Fox, 15-day long strike in Boston,

    Unionized Starbucks workers go on strike in Worcester, ‘sip-ins’ staged elsewhere

    August 3, 2022 // "They wanted to unionize, and they have unionized, and they have yet to be recognized by the employer in terms of meeting at the table," Ritacco said. "They need to get to the table and negotiate a fair contract with these workers. It is the right and just thing to do." Other nurses association members were present, offering support to the workers, including coaching them through chants in English and Spanish. Teamsters Local 170 members also showed up to offer support including Matt Landry, a UPS worker, who said he wanted to stand with the workers in solidarity and show them support.

    Starbucks union requests wage increases apply at unionized stores

    August 2, 2022 // A labor union representing workers at nearly 200 Starbucks locations has asked the company to extend new wage and benefit increases to unionized employees. Lynne Fox, the international president of Workers United, sent a letter to Starbucks interim CEO Howard Schultz dated July 15 waiving the union’s bargaining rights to wage increases and Starbucks’s other recently announced benefit improvements. training programs, dress code updates, faster sick time accrual and in-app and credit card tipping. Maggie Carter,

    Starbucks union surpasses 200-store milestone

    July 27, 2022 // SBWorkers United passes 200-store milestone – On July 22, the 200th Starbucks store unionized. The 200th milestone store is located in Cleveland and voted 11-9 to organize, according to the National Labor Relations Board. Approximately 80% of the total 249 stores to vote have voted “yes” to unionizing, with only 39 voting no and 11 of the results have been challenged either by the union or Starbucks. SBWorkers United, Go Fund Me, illegal terminations, disciplinary actions against pro-union employees, Hialeah, Florida., Kansas City, Missouri, Buffalo, N.Y. and Phoenix, Arizona, Memphis, Genwa Korean BBQ, Los Angeles, José Roberto Hernández,


    July 13, 2022 // Starbucks stores nationwide are unionizing one by one, but the recent vote for a Fresno store tallied unanimously against unionizing – even though the lead organizer sent in a “yes” vote. The National Labor Relations Board posted the union vote for Starbucks at 7010 N Marks Ave Ste. 105 in Fresno yesterday, counting 14 votes — all against unionizing with Starbucks Workers United. As lead organizer, Ben Takemoto has been the face of the movement for the store. He said his vote in favor of unionizing wasn’t counted.

    Meet Two Starbucks Employees at the Forefront of a High-Profile Unionization Effort

    July 8, 2022 // Finally, how can readers support the Starbucks Workers United campaign? Dani: There’s a customer pledge on the website that people can sign and where they can learn what to do and how they can best support as stores start to strike or take action within their communities. Morgan Leavy, Dani, Austin DSA,