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    Urban Ore workers win vote to unionize, but salvage store’s owners may fight on

    April 12, 2023 // It’s currently a guaranteed base wage of $13.16 per hour, according to Giammarinaro, plus a fluctuating income-sharing portion. Workers now get 15% of the store’s profits, split based on the number of workers and the hours worked. Knapp raised that percentage from 10% earlier this year and said he also provides health care benefits and twice-yearly bonuses. “Having the incentive fluctuate is a big reason we’ve been able to build the company to be as large and capable as it is,” Knapp said. Giammarinaro says his total pay ranges between $19 and $22 per hour, depending on the week. He said he makes less when customers stay home during rainy weather. Workers say wage fluctuation makes financial planning difficult and isn’t fair. “By creating the incentive structure this way, it shares the risk with us, but very little of the reward of being a true owner,” Giammarinaro said.

    Ascension Providence Rochester Hospital Lab Techs Secure Victory in Effort to Remove Unwanted Union

    June 14, 2022 // In briefs to the NLRB Foundation staff attorneys countered that such grounds for blocking the vote were unjustified both as a matter of law and considering the facts of Ascension Providence Rochester Hospital’s announcement regarding the potential transfer of the operation to LabCorp. Foundation attorneys also noted that the attempt to block the vote was likely a cynical attempt to keep power over the bargaining unit, because if the sale ultimately went through the union would have likely sought to block a decertification vote citing the NLRB-created “successor bar” that insulates union officials from decertification votes after an employer’s change in ownership. LabCorp, cessation of operations, Alyse Gschwender, Delaney Warren