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    Oregon state workers warn of possible strike in fight for raises

    June 12, 2023 // The union that represents more than 22,000 state government employees on Thursday asked its members to commit to a potential strike as negotiations continue for a new contract. Service Employees International Union Local 503, which represents about half the state workforce, is behind that push and negotiating for a new contract for state workers. The union announced the move in a rally with more than 1,000 workers across from the state Capitol. Meanwhile, inside the Capitol, Republican senators on strike kept the Senate from working on Thursday, as they have since May 3. The union’s plan for workers to sign a “strike pledge” and commit to a possible walkout underscores unhappiness about unsatisfactory wages and raises as negotiations proceed for a new two-year contract to succeed the agreement that expires on June 30.

    Oregon senators want taxpayers to stop paying long-distance commuting costs of remote workers. Union leader says think again

    February 13, 2023 // Oregon lawmakers are wrestling with whether to continue paying state workers who’ve chosen to live in far-flung states including Hawaii to travel back to the state for periodic in-person check-ins. Before the pandemic, it was not unusual for a small segment of state workers to live just outside Oregon’s borders, in Washington, Idaho, California and Nevada. But they were expected to show up at state workplaces on their own dime.


    July 18, 2022 // Staci Trees, an employee of Oregon Department of Transportation, resigned her union membership in December 2020, only to learn that SEIU intended to keep deducting regular dues from paychecks, claiming she had signed a membership agreement authorizing it to do so. When she asked to see the document, however, it was so obviously a forgery that even SEIU couldn’t defend its authenticity. Rebekah Millard, Gov. Kate Brown,